Optogenetic LED stimulator

Dual light source

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Designed for scaling Optogenetics experiments, Optogenetics-LED-Dual light source features two independent fiber coupled LED channels with independent power and switching control.

Key Features
  • High Power density (at Blue >380 mW/mm²) at implant tip following Rotary-Joint and all fiber connections.
  • Unique large and powerful LEDs enable bilateral illumination with single LED and Rotary-Joint for significant cost saving and without compromising power at implant tip.
  • Extremely low torque LED-compatible Rotary-Joint suitable for even the smallest animals
  • Precisely adjustable power by 10 turns potentiometers (separately for each channel)
  • Opto-Isolated TTL Inputs for fast switching (separately for each channel)
  • Opto-Isolated Analog Inputs for external power control (separately for each channel)
  • Instant warm up time. Rise / Fall time <10 μs