Photometry is a brain imaging technique based on the observation of fluorophores sensitive to brain activity. It relies on optical fibers to image brain activity. Aquineuro offers a complete training course for the acquisition of this technique as well as tailor-made support on specific problems. Training consists of:

  • Hardware set-up
  • Implantation
  • First recordings
  • First dive into the data


More details

Using genetically encoded calcium indicators one can monitor cerebral activity using an optic fiber and a couple of light sources. This simple yet efficient method of fiber photometry can bring physiology to a wide range of behavioral paradigms. To ease the adoption of this technique and let you focus on the scientific questions we organize a set of training sessions, usually two weeks spread over a month. Training contains:

  1. Installation of relevant hardware. We test your photometry system, install it in your lab and synchronize it with your existing equipment
  2. How to use the hardware
  3. How to use the recording software
  4. Implantation training.
  5. Recording training. How to recognize a good signal, to optimize recording parameters etc.

For a more in-depth analysis training we recommend a programming course.

Eventually, we offer long-term on-demand support you are free to use when new challenges arise.

The training sessions take place in your lab and the content is adapted to your specific experimental needs and your knowledge of photometry.

Module 1: Installation and testing

  • Guidance for the purchase of equipment and supplies adapted to your experiments.
  • Installation and test of your photometry
  • Synchronization with your different behavioral devices.

Module 2: Theoretical training

  • The GCaMP protein (excitation and emission), the apparatus
  • Principles of analysis
  • The isosbestic signal and artifact correction
  • Photobleaching
  • Our experimental parameters

Module 3: Implantation of optical fibers

  • Introduction to brain surgery and implant placement.

Module 4: Recording and Getting Familiar with Recorded Signals

  • Recording of calcium data with the main recording systems (Doric, RWD, Thorlabs/Hamamatsu)

  • Primary analyzes with the acquisition software

Module 5: Support

  • Personalized support in your first photometry study
  • Assistance with recordings, reflection on your behavioral task, advice on the overall procedure, handling of questions…
  • Joint analysis of the results obtained

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