Aquineuro has developed a range of software for analyzing behavioral, photometric and electrophysiology data. These software solutions, resulting from our expertise in neuroscience, can be used under licenses as is or adapted to your specific needs or to complex experiments.

Three solutions are detailed here – Video Tracking, OE Converter and Ephys Viewer:

Video Tracking

The analysis of animal behavior is central to understanding the neural mechanisms responsible for human cognition. This behavioral analysis, which was at first purely descriptive and based on handwritten note taking, has developed enormously in recent years thanks to the digitization of data (democratization of video recordings) as well as the use of computer tools for the analysis of the images collected. It is in this context that we have developed a video analysis program (video tracking) to extract the position, speed and degree of immobility of the animal during the experiment.

OE Converter

Raw electrophysiological data (directly from the recording system) is not always immediately usable. The files may be too large or their format may not always be suitable for the analysis chain usually used in the laboratory. To overcome these constraints, we have developed software to convert the format of these “raw” data.

Ephys Viewer

The raw electrophysiological data are then filtered to extract the fastest events (action potentials) using standard “spike sorting” software (MCLust, offline sorter, kilosort 2 or tridesclous). Once extracted these rapid events can be observed using our software. Two types of analyzes are currently available: ISI temporal analysis, autcorrelograms, crosscorelograms as well as correlation analysis with raster behavioral events and Peri Stimulus Time Histograms (PSTHs).