Aquineuro offers programming training based on the Python language, the de facto open source standard of the scientific community. Delivered by doctors in neuroscience, training ranges from beginner to expert level, and meet the specific needs of research laboratories.

More details

Prior to the sessions a short quiz is given to optimize the content and personalize the practical exercises. The training course is divided into three modules. The pedagogy deployed aims, as a first step, to acquire the basics and logic of the Python language in order to pave the way towards autonomy rather than to make an inventory of the available functions. The third development module can be adjusted or even built according to your specific needs and ongoing experiments.

Module 1: Initiation for beginners

  • Installation of the software necessary for the practice of programming in Python
  • Transmission of basic concepts, vocabulary and syntax: conditions, loops, functions …
  • Many exercises

Module 2: Intermediate level: Python for the scientist

  • Discovery and use of specific scientific Python packages
  • Exploring the Python ecosystem
  • Numerous exercises – Possibility of basing the exercises on personal data prepared in advance.

Module 3: Deepening: developing a project

  • Discovery of more technical concepts (decorators, class writing, etc.)
  • Use of more complex packages (itertools, functools, PyQt5)
  • Development of a project of interest to the trainees

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