Aquineuro offers several training modules in the key fields of neurophysiology.


Aquineuro offers to develop tailor-made software to manage and analyze experiments.

  • Setup
  • Recordings
  • Analysis

Aquineuro offers support to kickstart experiments.

23 05 2023

Meeting NeuroFrance 2023

Hello everyone, we will be in Lyon for Neurofrance. We hope to see you there !

05 05 2022

Fiber photometry installation in Barcelona

29 04 2022

Astroglial ER-mitochondria calcium transfer mediates endocannabinoid dependent synaptic integration

We contributed to Serrat et al. study (Cell Report, 2021) revealing an endocannabinoid link between astroglial MERCs and the regulation of brain network functions. Astroglial ER-mitochondria calcium transfer mediates endocannabinoid-dependent


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